Spendthrift Bingo Player Worried About Benefit Payments

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It is something that all bingo players dream of, that is visiting their local bingo club and winning a huge and supposedly life changing jackpot.

That is something that Jean Jones was lucky enough to experience recently, and it was at her local bingo club, that being the Castle Bingo Club in Barnes Hill in the Midlands UK, that she beat the odds and won a huge £22,500.

However, upon being paid out her winnings, the 63 year old grandmother then went on something of a spending spree and spent her winnings on a holiday in Florida and gifts for her family and even bought herself a brand-new chair to help her cope with her arthritis.

Whilst the money was of course hers to do with as she pleased, as someone that was in receipt of state benefits, when it came to light and to the attention of the DWP, that she had won more than benefit claimants are allowed to have saved to qualify for most benefits, those benefit payments were stopped.

She is now worried that she may lose her home and will not have enough money coming in to pay for food, clothing and all her usual day to day living expenses.

The Department for Work and Pensions have accused her of squandering her new found wealth and have told her that she will need to reapply for all the benefits she was claiming which have now been stopped.

The lesson of this story is if you are claiming benefit payments and do ever beat the odds and win big then you should always use your winnings wisely and put a large chunk of them to one side to help you pay for things that you need in the future, rather than blowing the lot on a mad spending spree.

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