Sugar House Casino Fined for Dodgy Decks of Cards!

Sugar House Casino

If there is one thing that should strike fear into the heart of a casino player, it is when a casino is fined by its regulator for something that affected the standard play of any card or table game in a negative way.

Well, if you had been a player at the Sugar House Casino last year you will not be pleased to learn that the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board have just slapped the Sugar House Casino with a massive fine totalling some $100,000, for what they term illegitimate decks of playing cards.

The basic overview of why they were hit with the fine is down to the fact that the casino dealers did not act as they should have done when warning lights became illuminated and started to flash on their automatic card shuffling machines, which is an indication that something is not right with the machine or the decks of cards within it.

It was on games such as mini-baccarat, poker and blackjack that their regulator highlighted had been the ones that dealers didn’t react when the warning lights did start to flash, supposedly to alert them of a problem, which then resulted in some unusual game play.

Unusual game play included some games ending up with too many decks of cards in play, whilst some had too few cards, and amazing though it may sound, during one the of poker tournaments at the Sugar House Casino the cards were dealt out in sequential order to players, and hadn’t been randomly shuffled at all!

Those incidents occurred for quite some time too, which obviously worried regulators, and seven of them had been recorded as happening from May of 2017 and January of this year.

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