SugarHouse Casino: Up & Running With Sports Betting

sports betting concept

With the red ribbon cut, and celebratory confetti brushed away, the SugarHouse Casino has just celebrated day one of their sports book operation.

SugarHouse’s casino, located in Delaware Avenue, has just become Philadelphia’s first licensed sports book casino seven months after the supreme court rubber-stamped US sports betting with a proviso that each state set their own rules and guidelines. With all the groundwork completed Pennsylvania can now compete with New Jersey where sports betting been an option for some time. 

Philadelphia Eagles +13

SugarHouse’s first casino customer, who placed a sport bet, went with Philadelphia Eagles +13 in their temporary gambling zone. This will be replaced with a more state of the art sports bet theme very soon. For now big screens, showing action, and six betting windows and six kiosks are in the zone where bets can be placed on major league and college sports.   

Cheryl’s Excited:

Cheryl Duhon, SugarHouse Casino’s General Manager, is excited about this development and discussing ways to improve her casino’s sports betting experience for her customers. She aims to bring a service to the people of Philadelphia that’s tailor-made exactly for them. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and other sports that people enjoy are all part of SugarHouse Casino plans.

Flashing Lights & Casino Buzz

As lights flashed players were keen for a piece of the action and one mentioned that he liked winning and that’s why he was playing!

But if you’re a person who enjoys betting in a more private setting the SugarHouse Casino is close to introducing an online network system for Pennsylvania in 2019. 

So the SugarHouse seems close to covering their Sports Betting Pennsylvania bases with, or without, an exciting casino buzz to cheer your winning bet home.

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