Tennessee to Legalize Online Sports Betting

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It was in the House of Representatives last Tuesday that legislation was passed to allow online sports betting to be legalized in the state of Tennessee, and having admitted defeat, Governor Bill Lee has stated that he is going to allow the state to permit online gambling without him signing it into law.

Lee has been opposed to legalizing online gambling in Tennessee for quite some time. However, it must have become apparent to him that with the House having passed the required legislation his battle to continue to keep online gambling illegal in the state was no longer worth his effort fighting.

Therefore, anybody that does fancy placing any type of sports bet that is based in Tennessee is going to be able to do just that from July the 1st of this year, and there are plenty of gambling related companies that are now putting in infrastructures to allow them to offer online betting from that date onwards.

With tax revenues being estimated as being around $50 million from online sports betting alone, the state is going to massively benefit from allowing it, and that figure is based on the amount of income generated by other US States who have already allowed online sports betting.

It will only be state licensed gambling related companies that are going to be able to offer online sports betting in Tennessee and plenty of companies involved in that market sector or who wish to be will be applying for the required new licenses to allow them to do just that.

A range of different systems are also expected to be put into place so that anyone with a gambling related problem is going to be able to self-exclude from any new online sports betting sites that do go live from July onwards in Tennessee.

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