The Perfect Casino Crime?

Burglar running with a bag full of money

With casinos being more secure than most banks these days regarding their security systems and protocols, even though it is possible to rob such a venue, the chances of successfully getting away with any casino related crime is practically impossible.

However, having said that there was one casino heist that hit the headlines well over twenty years ago, that could now, many years later, be described as the perfect crime, for the perpetrator of that crime is never going to get caught or charged with the crime, for several different reasons.

The casino heist was back in 1992, when William Brennan an employee at the now defunct Stardust Casino sportsbook hatched his masterplan, and that was nothing more spectacular than hotfoot it from the sportsbook with the takings, which amounted to over half a million dollars in cold hard cash.

It was obvious to police and the casino management that Brennan was the culprit, however from that day on he had never been seen again.

Having been described as a mild-mannered employee and the last person you would ever have thought would have committed such a crime, whilst police and investigators have never found him in the years since the crime was committed, even if they do find him he isn’t going to be charged with that heist.

The reason for that is that the Stardust Casino did close down for good in 2006 and was imploded not long after its closure, and as such the case has been closed and dismissed by the Attorneys Office, as such he does appear to have got away with it.

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