Tuscarora Indian Nation Casino Raided Again

man with handcuffs on

It was not that long ago, in fact just a few months, that federal agents and deputies from Robeson County performed a series of raids on illegal casinos operated by the Tuscarora Indian Nation who are claiming sovereignty in North Carolina.

It does, however, look like the Nation haven’t changed their ways, for another raid on the same rural Buffalo Ranch has just taken placed, which resulted in four people being arrested and an additional 40 slot machines being seized by authorities.

In both series of raids however, including the one performed last week, the leader of the Tuscarora one Kendall Locklear was arrested, and no doubt this latest crime will be added to his ever growing charge sheet, in fact he hasn’t yet faced charges arising from the last set of raids performed in July of this year.

This latest raid is the fourth one this year, and it appears that the venues in which illegal gambling appears to be taking place are all very similar, basically warehouses which have their windows blacked out and inside an array of different slot machines are available to gamblers.

It is not only illegal gambling operations that the Tuscarora Nation are accused of, for they have also been accused of running their own police force and are alleged to be producing marijuana on an industrial scale too.

Whilst it is true to say that the Tuscarora Nation is fully recognized in New York it is not recognized as an independent nation in North Carolina which is something the tribal leader is eager to get changed.

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