Types of Progressive Slots

Types Of Progressive Slots

Playing progressive slot games is something many casino players are going to do at one time or another, for dependent on just which of those types of slots they get stuck into playing, there is always the chance they could win a life changing jackpot instantly.

However, one thing that you are very quickly going to get your head around when playing such slots is that there are lots of difference types of progressive slots, and in this guide I am going to help you make sense of each of them and help you determine just which ones may be better suited to you and your bankroll.

A progressive slot game is one that uses a small percentage of player’s stakes to feed one or more of the jackpot pools, and as such every spin that is played off the jackpots can and will rise in value, and they do of course continue to rise in value until such a time that jackpot is won.

As soon as a progressive jackpot is awarded to a player it will then reset itself to something known as a seed value. That seed value is simply the amount of cash that the jackpot is reset to each time a jackpot is won and the value of which is determined by the designer of that slot.

Random and Hit by Progressive Jackpots

Some of the most popular and most played types of progressive jackpots slots are random jackpot slots and ones that have a progressive jackpot or more than one of them that are guaranteed to hit by a certain amount.

Regarding the way in which random progressive jackpots work and operate, often there is no requirement for players to have to play such slots for a set stake amount, as players can play them for any stake level they feel comfortable playing for.

It will either be at the end of any paid for base game spin that such a jackpot can be awarded to them or a bonus game or bonus feature could be randomly awarded to players, and the player then has to play off that bonus game or bonus feature to determine which, if any, progressive jackpot they have won.

Those bonus games could be for example a pick and win, wheel spinning or even a pick and match styled feature, and some of them guarantee one of several progressive jackpots will be won once the feature has been played off, but some could give you a chance of winnings such a jackpot or a fixed number of coins instead.

Hit by progressive jackpot paying slots are fun to play, as they have one or more jackpots on offer on them which no matter what happens a player is guaranteed of winning the jackpots before the reach their maximum pay-out amount.

When playing those hit by slot you should of course be actively seeking out and play the ones that are not far off their guaranteed hit amounts, as those jackpots are going to get paid out much sooner rather than later!

Other Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are of course lots of other types of progressive jackpot paying slot games and slot machines, and with that in mind let me look at which other ones you could find appealing.

The most standard type of progressive slot are of course those in which you are simply faced with hoping that you line up the jackpot paying winning combination on any or one specific pay line.

When playing those types of slots however you are often required to play maximum pay lines or for a certain stake amount to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Some of the much newer slot machines I have seen coming online offer a progressive jackpot that more than one player could win a share of! When playing such a slot you are given a chance of winning a share of the next jackpot won on a slot if you have wagers a specific amount on it anytime within a 24 hour period of the next jackpot being won!

The one thing I would therefore advise any slot player to do is to first look at the range of progressive slots on offer to them at any casino site, and then read through the pay tables and help files of each slot too, as that way you will get to see just what progressive jackpots are on offer on such slots and much more importantly just how they are awarded to players too.

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