UK Labour Party Pushing for Stricter Online Casino Regulation

Labour Party in the UK

Whilst the main political parties in the UK are currently trying to get their MP’s in agreement over how Brexit should move forward, the Labour Party are also trying to put together some form of manifesto for the next General Election, which they are hoping will happen much sooner rather than later.

One aspect of their manifesto will be a much stricter set of controls on online casinos, for many of their MP’s are not happy with the way that many such sites are failing their customers when it comes to player protection.

In fact Tom Watson, the Labour parties Deputy Leader is pushing for all online casino sites that cater for UK based gamblers to have to reapply for their gambling licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, for a recent survey has revealed that up to a third of them that are currently licensed have been found to be failing their customers.

Those failings have included not having adequate gambling limit option settings available and many casinos have been failing foul of the Advertising Standards Authorities code on promoting their sites, too.

It does also look like the Labour Party will also demand that maximum stake limits are adopted by the UK Gambling Commission too, which will mean that online gamblers will face very strict maximum stake levels when playing casino styled games online, in much the same way that players of betting shop FOBT’s now face.

One problem that will need to be addressed too is the fact that UK based gamblers can play at casinos that are not actually licensed or based in the UK, for when they do gamble at such sites they do not have the same protection as players gambling at sites that are licensed by the UKGC.

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