UKGC Demands Removal of Online Slots Bonus Feature Buy Option

Judge's holding wooden hammer

The latest news from the UK Gambling Commission is that they have been looking into the design of slot machines recently, and having recently decided that slot games that feature cartoon like characters and themes are to be banned from casinos they license, they have also just decided another change to some online slots is needed.

That is the “feature buy” option many slot machines offer, that, if you haven’t come across that feature before, it is a way for players to be able to buy a bonus feature instead of simply playing the base game until they trigger it in the normal way.

What appears to have got the UKGC rattled is that the cost of buying a bonus game is that the cost of doing so can be 100 times (or even higher) than the base game stake, and that, they believe, is putting some players at risk of spending way more money than they may have intended to when playing slot machines online.

Whilst it is true to say that it is a feature some people will be tempted to make use of, the sheer cost of paying for a bonus game when taking that option does mean many players are reluctant to take it, for it can and often will put a huge dint in their bankroll.

The next slot game feature the UKGC may be looking into and may also just be about to ban could be the single reel re-spin feature that some slot games offer, which allow players to opt to spin just one reel on a slot game rather than all five.

That feature can cost a huge multiple of the standard base game stake amount when players opt to take it and can cost players small fortune when they do make use of it.

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