Vegas Remembers the Route 91 Shooting

Vegas Shooting Anniversary

There was a very subdued atmosphere in Las Vegas yesterday, as it was of course the first day of October and exactly a year to the day when the Route 91 shootings took place in which so many lives were lost and many people suffered life changing injuries.

However, Vegas is the type of City that always holds its head up high but a also a city that never forgets, and yesterday many locals and visitors paid their respects to the fallen and placed flowers at the scene of the shooting and at the Las Vegas sign too, or just stood in silence and paid their respects at the scene of that terrible tragedy.

It was feared that the shooting would have a negative effect on Las Vegas and possibly Nevada as a whole, and whilst visitor numbers have been down during the summer, there has been no noticeable decline in visitors due to the shootings.

It has always been the case that visitor safety has been paramount in and around Vegas, and that is something that is very true right now, but none of the major changes that were proposed regarding increased safety measures have needed to be put into place, as Vegas is still a very safe place to visit and one that will continue to be the number one gambling destination for many years to come.

Much like after the terrorist attacks in New York on the 11th of September, it is expected that the scene of the shooting will become something of a shrine to the fallen in as much as the New York New York Casino has become such a shrine to the fallen on 9/11 each year, but make no mistake about it, not many people have been put off visiting Sin City and many millions will continue to visit each year.

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