When Will the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot be won?


Four progressive jackpots are on offer to players playing any of the Mega Moolah series of online and mobile slots designed and developed by Microgaming, and whilst three of those jackpots are won with regularity, the top prize can be a quite illusive jackpot.

In fact, it was over 113 days ago that the Mega jackpot was won, and that has resulted in the current value of that jackpot standing at well over some £18,072,896 and rising. Therefore slot players have latched onto the overdue nature of that jackpot and are currently playing those slots that share the jackpot pools in very large numbers.

In having an understanding of progressive jackpots, players need to be aware that the longer established slots offering them will always have an average amount at which such jackpots are won, and in the case of the Mega jackpots on the Mega Moolah series of slots the average value of the jackpot win is some £5,396,896.

The current value of that jackpot being well over three times its average hit amount is why players are getting stuck into playing those slots in the hope they are the next jackpot winner. Also be aware that the average number of days between the Mega jackpot being awarded on those slots is around 32 says, and as such that jackpot really is now overdue.

As for when the three other jackpots are won on those slots, the Major tends to get won every 12 hours or so and the Minor jackpot is won on average every couple of hours with the Mini jackpot being won every minute or so.

Players who feel it’s their lucky day and are hoping for a big surprise when playing slot machines should give those Mega Moolah slots some play time soon.

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