Wynn Resorts CEO Says Encore Boston Harbour Will Open on Time

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There is, of course, still the not so small requirement for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to officially give the go ahead for the Encore Boston Harbor Casino to open, but that hasn’t stopped the company’s CEO going public with a statement saying the casino WILL open on time.

In fact, it is hard for him to say anything else to be perfectly honest, for investors have pumped a total of some $2.6 billion into that casino resort and if it doesn’t open on time in June of this year those investors will not be happy.

It is Matt Maddox that is the current CEO, and as far as he is concerned the casino resort will be opening as planned on the 23rd of June this year, and he is happy with the way the property has been progressing and sees no problems that could cause a delay in its opening.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is currently investigating the aftermath of the sexual misconduct claims that have been levelled at the previous CEO, Steve Wynn.

They need to be confident that the resort of the board at the time knew about those allegations and just what they did regarding them if they did know about them.

It is however, quite difficult to see the Massachusetts Gaming Commission deny the license they granted to the company, for that would leave a lot of investors unhappy and lots of local residents without a job, as the venue is going to be creating thousands of full time and part time jobs once it does open.

So, it does appear that Maddox is right in his assumption that the casino resort will open on time in June.

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