Wynn Resorts Everett Casino Finally Granted a License

Judge Approving Contract Form

It has been something of a long running saga, and one that has dragged on for some fifteen months, however, the Wynn Resorts Casino over in Everett has finally been guaranteed its gambling license, and as such the final legal requirement hurdle to opening that newly built property has been jumped.

Having invested some $2.6 billion in building the Encore Boston Harbor casino resort, I think that not many people could have foreseen the events that led up to a fifteen-month investigation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission as to whether Wynn Resorts was fit to run that property.

That investigation did, of course, surround the former CEO and founder of the company, Steve Wynn, and the way the company handled the sexual misconduct accusations allegations against him.

However, that investigation is now complete, and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission are happy the company is fit to hold one of their gaming licenses and as such has issued one to the company.

Wynn Resorts had always planned on opening that new property on June the 23rd of this year, and with the clock ticking away there isn’t much time left to get the venue ready.

But it does look like everything should fall into place in the last few weeks before its opening, for the property is around 96% complete and there are just a few final touches to be put into place to get it ready for opening day.

It is certainly an impressive looking property and one that is expected to employ some 5000 people when fully open, which let’s face it is probably one of the main reasons why the gambling license was issued, and the company deemed fit to operate the casino, too.

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