Casino 36 in Wolverhampton UK Hit with Huge Fine

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If there’s one gaming authority that really does have teeth and is always ready to bear them, it is the UK Gambling Commission, and whenever they believe a casino venue is not operating in accordance with their rules and regulations they will go after the operating company, and will often slap them with a huge fine for any regulatory failings.

That is something that Casino 36 based in Wolverhampton have just found out to their cost, for they have just been hit with a whopping £300k fine for what the UK Gambling Commission calls some very serious failings in both anti-money laundering and social responsibility rules and obligations.

It is true to say however, that the UKGC do have some very strict rules and regulations that all licensed casinos are required to abide by and one of them is for the casino operator to perform checks on their high rolling players.

Those checks are known as EDD or Enhanced Due Diligence and Source of Funds and Source of Wealth checks, and as such if a casino does have any very high rollers then they are required to find out where the players funds originate and that they are the legal owner of those funds too.

That appears to be something Casino 36 in Wolverhampton failed to do, and an investigation revealed that some 33 gamblers in total were permitted to gamble some very large amounts of cash when visiting that casino with no checks performed on their source of funds.

Those breaches of regulations occurred back in November 2017 and lasted until October 2018 when they came to the attention of the UK Gambling Commission, and that has led to them being fined a huge £300k for those breaches.

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