Pope County Casino may be on the Cards

roulette table in casino

Whilst there were a lot of people opposed to the idea of a new casino being built in Pope County, it would appear that the majority of voters in the county are prepared to see a casino being built, if local services are to be supported by the income generated from such a venue, and of course local residents are employed there too.

Several casino operators have been out and about in the local area in recent weeks in the hope they can find a perfect site for a new land based casino in Pope County or somewhere local, and it looks like it will be the case of first come first served as there is only one potential license up for grabs there.

As reported yesterday the Quapaw Nation have already decided that they are to build and then open a huge sprawling casino resort in Pine Bluff, so it would appear that there is plenty of need for land based casino properties in and around the local area.

The vote that allowed for an expansion in land based gaming in Arkansas took place back in November, when a majority of 60% of local residents voted to allow it.

As such any casino operators interested in building a casino in any of the local areas such as River Valley and Pine Bluff and also Pope County itself, should have no problems getting approval for such a facility, if they can beat the opposition that is.

It is certainly a sign of the times, for more and more US States are now looking towards gambling to increase their state taxes, and many of them are now warmly embracing online and mobile sports betting too, and have finally caught up with the rest of the world regarding gambling in those two established environments.

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