Slots Like Buffalo Stack n Sync

Buffalo Stake N Sync

Allow me to introduce you to some the best playing and highest paying slots like Buffalo Stack n Sync which include games such as Outlaws Inc, Itero and Hand of Anubis.

However, before I let you know just which slots they are, there are plenty of unique aspects and features associated with the Buffalo Stack n Sync that makes it a must-play video slot if you have not yet given it a whorl online.

To begin with the Stack n Sync feature can see reels becoming stacked with matching symbols and more than one reel can sync together too, and when the latter also happens then that is how the huge in fact mega winning payouts this slot is famed for awarding can be paid out to you.

There is additional what is known as the Stampede Reel feature that could also come into live play at any moment when playing this slot and that can award a mega sized payout multipliers of up to 100x, so do keep that in mind especially if you are a penny slot player, for with those multipliers you could turn a tiny stake into a huge payout on any one single spin played off.

Not one but two main bonus games, including Stampede Spins and a Free Spins bonus round could also be just one spin of the reels of that slot away, so if that has sparked your interest then track down the Buffalo Stack n Sync and give it some play time, as I just know you will enjoy playing it for sure.

Slot Games that are similar to Buffalo Stack n Sync:

  • Dork Unit
  • Born Wild
  • Outlaws Inc
  • Itero
  • Hand of Anubis

Dork Unit

Dork Unit Game

One slot that is quite similar to Buffalo Stack n Sync in as much as you are going to love playing it for low or even high stake amounts is the Dork Unit slot on with a Gift Bonanza feature can keep your spins going and boost your winning potential.

There are also some unique aspects of that colourful looking Hacksaw Gaming designed slot such as the Refreshing Multipliers which are in place during the Dork Spins feature round, and just so you know, there is a mind-blowing 10,000 your stake jackpot payout that could be awarded to you whenever you play that game and no matter what stake you play it for.

Born Wild

Born Wild Game

Do give the Born Wild slot some play time if you want to play a similar slot to Buffalo Stack n Sync as it can be a high paying game thanks in no small part it the Lion’s Roar symbols that can fill the grid, in addition of course to the Sticky Wild symbols that always come into play during the Free Spins bonus round.

Just be aware though it is a low to medium variance slot as it has a 2,500x your stake jackpot on offer, so being such you should get plenty of chances of winning and being able to recycle your bankroll when playing it, compared to some of the much higher volatility slot machines that you could choose to play instead of that game.

Outlaws Inc

Outlaws Inc

You will be extremely hard pressed to find a much more action packed slot than Outlaws Inc which does offer a welcome distraction for slots like Buffalo Stack n Sync , for it comes with what are called Global Multipliers whose purpose is to help you increase your payout potential once the Gorilla symbol spins in.

Not only that but thanks to the Progressive Global Multipliers if you are lucky enough to trigger the free spins bonus game then you are in for a very exciting time as that bonus round is playing off and could secure a mega sized winning payout from it.

You can win up to 10,000x your stake as the jackpot payout on this slot, which is up there with one of the highest jackpots attached to any Hacksaw Gaming designed slot games.

If you are unsure as to whether you will enjoy playing that slot you can always spend as much time as you like playing it in a no risk environment as the demo mode version of the game plays and pays exactly to the same RTP as the real money version of the slot.


Itero Game

You could see your winning payout being repeated multiple times with the Echo Spins feature attached to the Itero slot which is a good alternative to the Buffalo Stack n Sync slot game, but here is much more to that slot than first meets the eye.

For example you can trigger two unique additional bonus games can be triggered via the base game, in fact having played that slot plenty of times now, I have noticed both of those two onus games are certainly not shy so can and often do trigger several times during a single slot playing session.

To cap it all off, there is also a huge jackpot worth a whopping 10,000x your stake also waiting to be won on the Itero slot, so add it to your list of slots to play one day so as I am more than confident it will soon become one of your own personal favourite slot games.

Hand of Anubis

Hand Of Anubis

The Egyptian themed Hand of Anubis slot is a worth game to like on my guide of great playing slots like Buffalo Stack n Sync for it comes with Connecting Clusters that can be boosted in payout value by Soul Orbs, and if you have never seen those features in play before then try out the slot for free, as you will soon warm to them both.

Multipliers can also increase the value of any winning payouts via the Underworld feature which is another fairly regularly awarded bonus game, and the additional Judgement feature can see Multiplier blocks and the Crusher awarding mega amounts of cash to players, which is what every player will be hoping happens when playing that slot too.  

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