Slots Like Rocket Reels

Rocket Reels Slot Machine

There are no shortages of slots like Rocket Reels including Tasty Treats, Xpander and Stack ‘Em.

With a decent long term expected RTP of 96.30% you should get plenty of play time and loads of winning payouts when playing Rocket Reels which is part of the ever growing Hacksaw Gaming suite of slot games.

That slot is both an online game and one that can be accessed via a casino app as it has been enhanced for mobile devices, so you shouldn’t have any problems being able to access and play it either for free or for real money.

With Rocket symbols that can and will trigger multipliers and a free spins bonus game on which even more multipliers can come into live play and thanks to the jackpot of that slot being 10,000x your stake, I would suggest you consider allocating some of your slot playing sessions to trying your luck on it, for you never know you could win big when playing it, with some luck in playing of course.

Slot Games that are similar to Rocket Reels:

  • Miami Multiplier
  • Stack ‘Em
  • Fruit Duel
  • King Carrot
  • Xpander

Miami Multiplier

Miami Multiplier Games

The Miami Multiplier slot is the first slot like Rocket Reels that I would like to showcase to you, thanks to it having also been  set with a long term payout percentage of a high 96.30% players will get a fair old chunk of their stakes back as winning payout over the long term and should be able to get plenty of extended slot playing sessions by recycling those winnings through the game.

As the name of that slot does somewhat suggest, the game play and the potential huge winning payouts you could achieve when playing it, all revolve around the multipliers that can come into play when playing the base game or bonus game.

If you are on the hunt for fully configurable slot machines and ones that have enhanced graphics and great sound effects and ones that also offer features such as buy a bonus and even an auto play setting then do consider giving this slot or the other alternatives to Rocket Reels named below a try one day soon.

Stack ‘Em

Stack Em Slot Machine

The only reason why you will of course be on the hunt for slots that are like Rocket Reels is to have the reassurance that the ones you do come across and decide to try out are going to be giving you a fully rounded gaming experience, whilst at the same time giving you a reasonable chance of winning.

Whilst there are never going to be any guarantees that you will win when playing slot machines in any playing environment the Stack ‘Em slot is both a certified random slot game and one that comes with a payout percentage that has been certified as being 96/20%.

That will at least give you a fair set of winning payouts over your long term play and with multipliers coming into force when you spin in set of stacked symbols coupled with a potentially high paying free spins bonus game you should have plenty of fun and excitement when playing Stack ‘Em.

As for what else that slot does have on offer, well if everything goes to plan when you do try it out, and you spin in the jackpot paying winning combination, you will then receive a jackpot worth 10,000x your stake.

Fruit Duel

Fruit Duel Slot Machine

For those of you that are always on the look out for slots that offer a unique type of playing structure and format but only every want to play slots like Rocket Reels that come with a decent and high valued set of paybacks, should consider giving the Fruit Duel slot a little bit of play time.

The playing format is certainly unique on that slot and it’s a fast playing no nonsense type of game that always gives players a fun and entertaining slot playing experience but also one that could see them winning big on any spin they do play off, so keep it in mind.

King Carrot

King Carrot Slot Machine

There are several things that I do like about the King Carrot slot, which is another similar slot to Rocket Reels in as much as it does offer some much higher valued winning payouts by both its base game along with the bonus game.

That is the fact that replacement symbols can be added to the reels whenever you spin in the King Carrot symbol and that may seem like a quite basic feature, but it is one that can award some substantial winning payouts from time to time.


Xpander Slot Machine

There are not that many slot like Rocket Reels on which you will find set of multipliers than could end up boosting the value of any winning combinations that they help to form by up to 128x their values, but that is something you will discover is a possibility when playing the Expander slot.

Designed with avid slot player sin mind who are happy to play slightly higher variance slots, Xpander is a fun one to play and as long as you do not get too carried away and by that I mean play it for too high a stake level then I am more than confident you should get plenty of fun and entertainment value when playing it, even at tiny stakes.

There is however one question that I do know all slot players will want to know about that game, and that is just how high or just how low its RTP has been set at, well I am pleased to let you know it is certainly not going to be a low paying slot machines, for its payout percentage has been verified as being 96.26%.

You can give Xpander a try at any of the casino sites and casino apps showcased throughout this website either for free or for real money, and I would suggest the former initially just to allow you top get to grips with the way it plays and pays.

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