Slots Like The Haunted Circus

Haunted Circus

Slots that are like the Haunted Circus are Extreme Forest Fortune, Born Wild Extreme and of course the Bomb slot.

Now, what you need to be aware about each of those slots is that they are a new breed of mega paying slots designed by Hacksaw Gaming which make up their relatively small but growing range of fixed prize games.

As such, whenever you get about playing Haunted Circus you do have a chance of walking off with one of the biggest online slot machine jackpots which is a jackpot worth some €2.5million. All players have a chance of winning that jackpot not just high rollers, so keep that fact in mind.

But let us not kid ourselves, huge jackpots are rare, and as such there does need to be several additional aspects of any slot games design that will make it a playable slot or not.

The Haunted Circus slot does come with a Free spins bonus game and what I like about it is that you could end up seeing the free spins re-trigger multiple times, in fact in total it is possible to re-trigger them a whopping 10 times.

Look out for that slots Wild Multiplier reel symbols too for whenever they have spun in they can boost the value of any winning combinations that they have helped to form and for the record, they can of course be spun in on any reel and in any reel position as well.

I will leave it up to you to decide if you do fancy trying your luck playing this slot or any of the other ones listed below that are similar slots, but one thing you will always need to know about any online or mobile slots is just how high its RTP is, and therefore you will be interested to learn the payout percentage of the Haunted Circus slot has been independently verified as being a healthy 94.83%, which should ensure you do get a fair old number of winning spins coming your way when playing it.

Slot Games that are similar to the Haunted Circus:

  • Born Wild Extreme
  • The Bomb
  • Extreme Forest Fortune

Born Wild Extreme

Born Wild Extreme Slot Game

Slots like Haunted Circus do all have one thing in common of course and that is their huge standalone jackpots and if you fancy trying another fixed prize game jackpot awarding slot then give the Born Wild Extreme slot some play time sooner rather than later.

There is a lot to like about the design of that slot, however the main attraction has to be its fixed prize game jackpot, for that could award any players at any time and on any spin they have played off a mind blowing jackpot valued at some €10million.

Players do get the chance of triggering a bonus game too when playing that slot, and whilst it won’t award a jackpot as high as the main jackpot it could award you with bags of cash. That bonus game for reference is a set of free spins and when triggered you get ten of them to play off and they can also be re0trigegred too.

The one thing that I do feel that lets the Born Wild Extreme slot down ever so slightly as to its design is its payout percentage for it is not what you could ever say is up there with the highest RTP’s and just so you know that certified payout percentage is 93.80%.

The Bomb

The Bomb Slot

The first slot that is a good alternative slot to the Haunted Circus is the fun looking the Bomb which is another in the series of fixed prize games from Hacksaw Gamin that really have caught the imagination of slot players who are eager to try their luck on a mega paying slot machine.

It is available as both an online or mobile device compatible slot and its jackpot, just so you know is an enormous €1million.

The way in which you form winning combinations is not in the old fashioned way, that being by lining up matching reel symbols from left to right across the screen on an activated pay line, instead you simply need to form a cluster of matching reel symbols to receive a winning payout.

That Cluster Pays structure is one that you will soon get the hang of by the way, however you will have the ability of trying this slot out for free and at no risk what so ever at any casino sites or apps that have it available to their players and  thanks to a possible 500x multiplier you could win big without even winning the jackpot from any base game spin you have played off.

To help you possibly form even more winning combinations a TNT Blast symbol can and will clear symbols from the screen and those symbols then are replaced by new ones dropping in from above via the Cascading Reels feature.

The main bonus game which can also be triggered is a set of free spins, so as you can see, it is certainly a fully rounded slot and one that does pack a punch, thanks too due to the fact its RTP has been set nice and high at 95.17%. So do add it to your list of slots to play as it is a corker.

Extreme Forest Fortune

Extreme Forest Fortune

There is just one more slot like Haunted Circus that I just know you will want to try out, and that is the Extreme Forest Fortune which offers a €3million fixed game prize jackpot and a not too low RTP  of 94.60%.

There are two additional aspects of that slot that will also appeal to a great number of you very avid slot players out there and they are the special set of Spreading Wild symbols which can appear and spread all over the screen on any spin played off and a bonus game which is a set of Free spins which come with a unique type of wild symbol collecting feature too.

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