Australian Lawyer With Gambling and Cocaine Addiction Sentenced To Jail

There is no doubt that gambling has allowed many individuals to live a more comfortable life, because they have been able to use their skills to be rewarded. Often times, there is an element of luck that has helped them, as well. Of course, there are others who have risked too much when gambling, which has led to personal and…

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Atlantic City Brings Over $2 Billion In Gambling Revenue In 2018

3d render of growing stack of dollar bills

Atlantic City is considered a gambling destination within the United States, even if it doesn’t share the same elite status as international gambling hubs such as Las Vegas and Macau. There are many who counted the city out several years ago, and many residents were angered by the fact that Atlantic City focused so much on gambling, calling it fiscally…

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Gambling Problems Aren’t All About Whether You are Having Fun

Young businessman addicted to online gambling cards playing in t

A common phrase in gambling that you hear on British television all the time is ‘When the Fun Stops, Stop.’  It’s another step towards helping those who are having problems with their gambling but is it a phrase that is really helping people? The aims of the phrase are admirable, but can’t they realize that it’s just not an easy…

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Busted: $13 Million Vietnamese Football Gambling Ring

Vietnam Bet Concept

Vietnamese police have busted an online footbal gambling ring worth $13 million, reports local publication VietnamNet. According to reports, Hai Phong City municipal police in the Hong Bang District raided a house where they arrested nine alleged suspects and seized thousands of dollars in evidence. The house, on Tran Hung Dao Street, is believed to have been the headquarters of…

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