Seneca Casino Offering Free Meals To Government Workers

For those in the United States, there is one major headline that is dominating media: the fact that President Donald Trump has “shut down” the government in hopes of gaining funding for a border wall. There are many prominent politicians, including Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker Of The House, that call the entire ordeal a distraction. Trump Blamed A significant amount…

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Massachusetts Governor Pushing For Sports Betting

It’s no secret that gambling can revitalize counties, cities, and even countries economically, which is why there are many places around the world that are often eager to clear the way for casinos and sports betting in terms of regulation. It appears as though the latest state that is pushing for legalized sports betting is Massachusetts, thanks to its own…

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Buddhist Canadian Wins Tournament, Pledges Winnings To Charity

Of course, when it comes to gambling – you can’t win all the time. If this was the case; the entire casino industry wouldn’t be as lucrative as it is. However, there are a select group of professionals that are able to earn a living through gambling, year after year, thanks to their skill and expertise. One individual by the…

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Gavin Smith, Poker Pro, Passes Away

While there are no specific details readily available, it appears as though Gavin Smith, an established poker professional, has passed away at the age of 50 in Texas. Smith was born in 1968, and had been playing professionally for about two decades at the time of his death. His earnings date back to 1998, and was widely known for his…

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Australian Lawyer With Gambling and Cocaine Addiction Sentenced To Jail

There is no doubt that gambling has allowed many individuals to live a more comfortable life, because they have been able to use their skills to be rewarded. Often times, there is an element of luck that has helped them, as well. Of course, there are others who have risked too much when gambling, which has led to personal and…

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Atlantic City Brings Over $2 Billion In Gambling Revenue In 2018

3d render of growing stack of dollar bills

Atlantic City is considered a gambling destination within the United States, even if it doesn’t share the same elite status as international gambling hubs such as Las Vegas and Macau. There are many who counted the city out several years ago, and many residents were angered by the fact that Atlantic City focused so much on gambling, calling it fiscally…

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