Massachusetts Governor Pushing For Sports Betting

It’s no secret that gambling can revitalize counties, cities, and even countries economically, which is why there are many places around the world that are often eager to clear the way for casinos and sports betting in terms of regulation. It appears as though the latest state that is pushing for legalized sports betting is Massachusetts, thanks to its own…

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Iowa Set To Debate On Sports Gambling

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court decides that states can allow for legalized sports gambling, it has led to robust discussions and debates nationwide about where and when sports betting and gambling should be legal. Iowa is no exception, and it appears as though “The Hawkeye State” will finally be addressing the issue. Obstacle Cleared For those who are unaware,…

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D.C. Sports Betting Legislation Hits A Snag

There has been a lot of attention and buzz around the idea of whether sports betting should be regulated federally or by states, and Washington D.C. is no exception, given the fact that it is the capital of the United States. The D.C. Council legalized sports betting in December of last year. However, while some believed that the D.C. Council would…

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