Slots Like Cubes


There is just one slot like Cubes and that is the Cubes 2 slot.

You will find plenty of slot game designers have embraced the Cluster Pays playing structure for some of their slots, and Hacksaw Gaming have done so too.

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Let me give you an insight into what their first slot, that being Cubes has to offer you should you decide to give it a whirl online or via a mobile device. The slot by the way is has been enhanced for mobile slot players, so you will get a great playing experience when giving it some play time on any smart phone or tablet device.

Let me start off by letting you know the RTP has been certified as being 96.35%, which when compared to many other slots is a mid-ranged payout percentage.

Cluster Pays slots are designed in such a way that there are not standard pay lines in play, instead you simply need to get adjoining matching reel symbols spinning in and the bigger the cluster formed the higher your winning payout will become.

Stake levels are fully adjustable by players, and the lowest stake available is just 0.20 in the currency you are playing in, obviously you can crank up the stakes depending on how much you wish to wager per spin you play off.

Once you set a spin into live play, the middle position on the grid will display a multiplier value, if you are lucky enough to form a cluster of matching symbols one of which is that middle position then the multiplier grows in value by +1 for each symbol in your cluster.

The bonus game you could trigger can be somewhat frustrating to trigger at times, due in no small part to the way you can are awarded with that bonus game.

You need to form five different coloured cluster winning combinations on the base game, and by doing so you then get 10 free spins to play off. The reason I say it can be somewhat frustrating is that often you will form just four clusters and be one cluster off triggering that feature round.

To give you the chance of a very substantial free games bonus game winning payout, if you are ever lucky enough to form a cluster containing at least 70 symbols then you will an automatic payout for that cluster of a mind blowing 2500x your base game stake.

If you haven’t yet played a Cluster Pays structure slot, and to be fair many people haven’t done so yet, keep in mind you will be able to sample the delights of playing it online or via a mobile device completely free of charge at any casino that offers Hacksaw Gaming designed slots, and there are plenty of casino sites and apps that do offer their range of games by the way.

Slots Like Cubes

The only slots that are similar to Cubes is:

  • Cubes 2

Cubes 2 Slot


The Cubes 2 slot does of course come with its own Cluster Pays playing structure and with two unique free spins bonus game I do have to say it is a slightly more exciting slot to play compared to the Mark I version.

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gunsbet dollar and euro

Spinning in five different coloured cluster pays winning combinations is the way the standard set for free spins are triggered and 5 free spins are awarded once it has been awarded to you.

However, you pick mystery cubes until you get a colour and once you do that colour of cube will become sticky ones for the duration of the free spins round.

So ideally you will be hoping to pick a high paying colour and then see plenty of those symbols spinning in during the free spins bonus game and forming large clusters to achieve the higher payouts that can be awarded via that bonus game.

A second bonus game could be awarded to you instead, via the base game and to get to play of from 5 too 10 free spins you will need to get all four corner multipliers in the same colour from a spin base game spin.

Based on the cost of the buy a bonus option it is slightly more difficult to achieve this bonus game than the standard free spins feature, however all you will need is a little bit of luck in playing to do so.

This can be a good paying bonus round however, for the maximum win possible during it is a huge 7500x your stake, which is worth knowing.

The number of free spins that you will be awarded with is initially determined by a picking game, so you will need to pick off the mystery cubes to determine just how many free spins you will then get to play off.

Whilst it will always be hit or miss when it comes to whether you will trigger a bonus game when playing slot machines in any playing environment, what makes this slot somewhat appealing to some players, is that you do have the option of buying one of the two bonus games on offer via the base game.

If you are prepared to stake a much higher amount to do so, then be aware the cost of automatically triggering the Multi-Colour Free Spins bonus game is 109x your stake and the cost of triggering the standard free spins bonus game will set your back 129x your stake amount.

All in all I did find this slot to be a great playing slot and does offer a slightly more appealing and entertaining gaming session that the original Cubes slot, but I will let you be the judge of that, so give them both a try when you get time and see what you make of them.

One final thing to be aware of is that when playing the game the standard way the RTP is certified as being 96.33%, however if you buy either of the bonus games the RTP on that aspect of the game is ever so slightly lower at 96.30%.

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