Responsible Gaming

We feel that it is necessary to have in place on our website a section that is dedicated to responsible gambling, for whilst most people do not ever experience any problems with their gambling activities, there is always a chance that for some people gambling can and does some very real problems.

Be aware that each of the casino sites and venues that you will see showcased, mentioned and also written about on this website, will have a responsible gambling policy in place at their respective sites and venues.

If you do feel that you gambling activities have got completely out of hand or you simply fancy taking a break from gambling, then there are plenty of ways you are going to be able to do just that.

With that in mind please do read on for below I am going to be taking a look and passing onto you lots of practical ways that you can put into place steps to help you reduce or limit you gambling activities or give up gambling altogether, which may be an option for some people.

Setting Your Gambling Limits

Some people can occasionally get carried away when gambling, and may not feel like they have a problem, but every now and then they need to be brought back down to earth when partaking in any gambling activities and reminding of just how much they have spent or gambled on one or more sessions.

If you are of the mind that whilst your gambling activities may not be posing any problems to you in general, but you would like to ensure you never do get carried away and gamble more than you can afford to lose, be aware that you are going to be able to make use of plenty of gambling limit option settings when gambling online or on a mobile device.

What you will be able to do is to set your own deposit limits at most casino and gambling sites, and as such as soon as you have deposited that amount, you are not going to be able to deposit any more, until the time period for that deposit limit has expired.

Also be aware that many betting and gambling sites are also going to allow you to set a loss limit too.,and as such as soon as you have gambled and lost the amount of cash you have set as your loss limit, you will not be able to continue betting or gambling until the time period you chose has expired! Most gamming sites also flash up reminders of just how long you have been gambling too.

Help With Giving Up Gambling Altogether

If you do want to stop gambling completely, then you should make a point of initially self excluding yourself from as many casinos and gambling venues and sites that you are a member of.

When you self exclude you are telling the owner of the gambling site, venue or app that you have a problem with your gambling activities and wish to stop gambling with them.

You may often be required to fill in a physical form and supply a picture of yourself if you are self excluding from any land based gambling venues, however when self excluding form an online or mobile betting site or app you can often self exclude by filling in an online form.

Be aware that you are often given a choice as for just how long you will to be self excluded from any casino sites and venues, and I would advise you to think about the long term and choose to be self excluded for life, as that way you will never be tempted to start gambling again.

However, I should also point out that self excluding yourself from any number of gambling sites can be very, very time consuming, and another option would be for you to download a gambling site blocking piece of software on any computers, mobile phones and/or laptops and tablet devices you have access too, as that software will not let you visit such sites in the future once installed.

There are plenty of problem gambling charities and organisations that can and will help you put into place your own personal strategy to stop you gambling again, and many of them do offer a one to one or group support service too.

Please visit the GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous website if you do feel your gambling activities need addressing and you are eager to cut back and even stop gambling ever again.

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